Sheer Glow On the Go Stick: Butter Balm


Even on the go you deserve a good glow! This is not your typical lotion bar, made with our essential ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil (not to mention some of our favorite essential oils) our Glow On the Go Stick is the only go-to hydrating butter balm you need. Conveniently packaged to travel with, this butter balm will always have you feeling refreshed and covered no matter where you go. It's so good, you can use from it from the scalp of your head to the crack of your heels worry-free.

It’s time to say goodbye to dry and dull skin and hello to moisturized and glowy skin (all while on the go!)


Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils, love, passion, and magic.

Note: This product does not contain mica.

2.2 oz